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Welcome To Puritan Heritage Farm!

Puritan Heritage Farm is a small family farm outside of St. Louis dedicated to providing families with nutrient dense food that is clean and sustainable. We long for the day when people can rely on their local farms for most of their food supply.  Our current focus is on Grass-fed Cows' Milk and Pastured Poultry, using intensive pasture management through rotational grazing.  Feel free to plan a visit to see how the cows are milked and how your milk is handled. 

We also understand that turning from discount food stores to your local farmer can mean a significant change in the budget, so allow us to help! Feel free to ask about ways to make real food fit into your budget.  As the father of six wonderful children I understand the importance of budgeting wisely and providing for my family. Even though I could cut our budget significantly by purchasing cheap food, I would rather adjust my budget to provide them with the best food possible. We fully support a barter system!

How To Start Getting Raw Milk!

1. Decide how much delicious raw milk you would like to consume

2. Choose a drop off location

3. Contact us below or [email protected] with quantity and location.  We will respond to confirm your order.

4. Bring cash or check to the drop off

  •  Milk is $8 gallon
  • Our milk comes in 1/2 gallon Ball mason jars and each 1/2 gallon jar is $2.  If you own Ball mason jars we will exchange the jars for free. We don't do            jar deposits (you own the jar), but we will buy back Ball mason jars for $2 each. 
  • Our delivery fee is $1 per family.  If you are picking up for multiple people we still require each family to pay $1. 
  • Example 
    •  You want 4 gallons at Des Peres on Friday and you have no jars your total would be $49. ($32 Milk, $16 - 8 Jars, $1 Delivery)
    • If you had 8 half gallons jars to trade your total would be $33. ($32 Milk, $1 Delivery)
5. Bring a cooler to transport the milk (milk needs to stay below 36 degrees) and we do provide ice.
6. Check your refrigerators thermostat to insure milk stays below 36 degree.  Never put milk in door of fridge as it is the warmest part of your refrigerator.  Raw milk does not spoil, but it will ferment/sour if temperature rises above 36 degrees.   

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!  

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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